Do you stretch after you exercise? If you answered no to this important question than you should give some serious consideration to taking part in it. Although stretching before exercising is an incredibly important aspect that helps reduce injury, stretching post workout significantly reduces muscle tension and vastly increases flexibility. In essence, it is a key to your overall health, and should be incorporated into your workout plan. Many fitness experts believe that stretching after exercise is just as important as cardiovascular and strength training. That being stated, a great deal of people overlook it completely. The following information will provide you with the top five benefits of stretching after working out.

Stretching After Working Out Increases Flexibility

One of the most important benefits of stretching is enhanced and increased flexibility of the various muscle groups. Stretching after working out helps contracted and constricted muscles release back into their more comfortable state. Your body will eventually become far more flexible, which can help to prevent injuries. If you stretch after exercising on a consistent basis you will find it easier to bend, stand, squat, and do a host of other flexibility related exercises. For example, doing leg stretches after running or exercising on cardio machines drastically increases endurance and muscle power.

Stretching After Working Out Boosts Energy Levels

When you stretch after exercising you will notice that your energy level is both constant and stable. This is due to the fact that the brain releases endorphins when the body cools down. Endorphins are a natural and healthy chemical that make people feel good physically and mentally. Stretching after working out regulates endorphins, which in turn energizes your body to the point that you will feel more refreshed after exercising instead of feeling tired and lethargic. In essence, stretching post workout helps you get the most out of your workout.

Stretching After Working Out Improves Blood Flow

When you partake in an intense workout, your body pumps blood to your heart in a faster manner. The end result is that your heart beats at a more rapid pace. Stretching goes a long way in helping your heart return to its normal state, which puts significantly less stress on your most vital organ. In essence, the blood circulation to your muscles returns when stretching, which enables your heart rate to come back to its original resting rate.

Stretching After Working Out Reduces Lactic Acid

As soon as you workout your muscles, your body begins to produce lactic acid. Lactic acid fatigues muscle mass, and makes your body feel sore. It also builds up during the workout. It is important to stretch after exercising because it helps to break up the lactic acid that has accumulated inside your body. When the lactic acid is removed, your muscles are able to both repair and recover.

Stretching After Working Out Increases Range Of Motion And Muscle Coordination

When you fail to stretch your muscles after exercising, they tend to remain constricted. This prevents you from using your muscles to their full capacity. On the other hand, if you stretch after working out, you will be able to utilize your muscles towards a greater range of motion. The bottom line is that you will see better results due to the fact that you are using your muscles to their maximum capacity. Last but certainly not least, stretching enhances muscle coordination for people that partake in strength training. For example, when you stretch tired muscles, you provide them with increased functional mobility. This allows them to synchronize in the proper manner.

In conclusion, stretching after working out has a great deal of benefits that should not be ignored. Although it may add a bit of time to your workout regiment, stretching after you exercise is well worth the effort. If you have any questions please contact us today. Wucely St. Fleur will help you crush your fitness goals, as well as your nutritional and overall wellness objectives. Give us a call today to get started on the path to better health.