Most people that workout on a regular basis are serious about looking and feeling great. You load up your favorite play list of music, work around your incredibly busy schedule in order to make it to the gym, and resist the urge to skip those one or two exercises that you simply cannot stand. Although you are fully determined to get the most out of your workouts, the bad news is that there is a good chance that you may not be accomplishing that.

Knowing how and when to fuel your body to be able to meet or even surpass your fitness goals is the most important thing you can do besides making an effort to workout. The following information will provide you with a few valuable tips on how to accomplish the ultimate workout performance.

Perform Cardio Exercises On An Empty Stomach

Looking leaner is a universal goal for people that want to either bulk up or slim down. The best strategy for lowering your body fat percentage is to work out shortly after waking up for the day. Hit the gym for cardio exercises on an empty stomach in order to burn fat. Your body is already in a calorie deficit at this point. In essence, it will jump-start your body’s fat burning ability. Since your glycogen levels are depleted while you are sleeping it will fully utilize your body fat as an energy source. It is like a mini version of your body using its fat reserves for food if you are starving.

Fuel Your Muscles To Provide Them With A Boost

Performing cardio exercises in a fasted state is great for burning fat and improving insulin sensitivity, however you should pre-fuel before strength or bulk exercising with free weights, machines, or resistant bands. Although you should huff and puff along on the treadmill when your body is depleted of fuel, your body requires energy in order to get through a more intense weight lifting session. Eat 30 grams of carbohydrates 30 minutes prior to your strength or bulk workout.

That is basically the amount of healthy carbohydrates you will find in a banana. Without those carbohydrates you will get tired in the middle of your workout, and the workout will not be as successful. Protein is also a good idea. Since you will only have about 30 to 60 minutes to digest your food, drink a fast acting protein, such as whey isolate, that will easily absorb into your body.

Avoid Sports Drinks

A great deal of people feel that they need one of those sugar-dense sports drinks, such as Gatorade, after they perform even the shortest workouts. However, most sports drinks typically have more calories in them than what you are actually burning off. The rule of thumb is to avoid drinking sugary sports drinks unless you are working out with an elevated heart rate for a minimum of 60 minutes. Sports drinks are best utilized by athletes that are at risk of dehydration. If you are working out in mild temperatures or for a period of time that is less than an hour, they are completely unnecessary. Drink water instead. That way you will not consume more calories than you are burning off.

Do Not Forget To Refuel After Your Workout

Post workout nutrition is an incredibly important factor that will help you reach your fitness goals. Refueling your body immediately after a workout helps to replenish glycogen levels, decreases the breakdown of protein, and increases the protein synthesis, which aids in the ability to build muscle. The best time to make the most use of protein is immediately after strength or bulk training. Eat an egg white omelet or Greek yogurt when you get home from the gym. Consume a minimum of 10 to 20 grams of protein after weight training exercises.

In conclusion, fueling your body in the proper manner is just as important as exercising. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about cardio exercises, weight lifting, eating properly, and taking the proper nutritional supplements. Wucely St. Fleur will help you crush your fitness goals, as well as your nutritional and overall wellness objectives. Give us a call today to get started on the path to better health.

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