Obesity rates are currently at an all time high. Far too many people are struggling with their weight. There are a plethora of weight loss options available on the market today, however most of them either do not work, are unhealthy, or are so expensive that the majority of consumers cannot afford them. That being stated, weight loss really comes down to only two things. The first is building muscle mass, and the second is losing body fat. This must be accomplished in conjunction with each other.

It is such a simple theory in principal, but in reality it is incredibly difficult to accomplish. This is due to the fact that both building muscle mass, and losing body fat is demanding. They require you to maintain an enormous amount of discipline. That is exactly why it is natural for most of us to buy into shortcuts. The concept of loosing weight as fast and as painless as possible can certainly be too tempting to resist.

However, loosing weight takes a significant amount of time, a great deal of hard work, and a whole lot of patience. There are no legitimate shortcuts. Do not be tricked by the latest “miracle” weight loss products, or the false gurus that are pitching them. The following information will inform you about what it actually takes to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Work Out Regularly In Order To Gain Muscle Mass

Many people begin their weight loss journey by joining a gym. That is truly a great start. In fact, working out goes a long way in helping you gain muscle mass, which of course is the first part of the weight loss equation. Adding muscle to your body burns fat due to the fact that muscle needs energy to survive. A pound of muscle burns between 75 and 150 calories per day, while a pound of fat only burns 3 calories a day. Adding muscle mass will also help your body burn more calories while at rest.

When combined with a proper diet, this will increase your metabolism and help you reduce excess body fat at a significantly faster rate. Working out will also make you look skinnier. One pound of muscle takes up approximately 20% less space then one pound of fat, so building muscle will also help give you a lean and toned appearance that many people desire.

Reduce Your Caloric Intake In Order To Lose Body Fat

The second part of the weight loss equation is to lose body fat, which far too many people fail to accomplish. In order to lose body fat, you must reduce the amount of calories that you eat on a daily basis. According to recent studies conducted by the Centers For Disease Control, the average overweight adult should reduce their food intake by 500 calories per day in order to lose one pound of body fat per week. Keep in mind that the daily-recommended allowance is 2,500 calories for men, and 2,000 calories for women.

Males must reduce their caloric intake by 20%, down to 2,000 calories per day, in order to lose one pound of body fat per week. Females must reduce their caloric intake by 25%, down to 1,500 calories per day, in order to lose one pound of body fat per week. In turn, you should reduce your caloric intake by even greater measures if you are currently eating over the recommended daily allowance on an average basis.

In conclusion, losing weight in a healthy manner is a delicate balance of building muscle mass by working out, and losing fat body mass by reducing the amount of food/calories that you consume per day. While losing weight is never easy, it is absolutely worthwhile. If you have any questions please contact us today. Wucely St. Fleur will help you crush your fitness goals, as well as your nutritional and overall wellness objectives. Give us a call today to get started on the path to better health.